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Atomy India Plan 2020

Atomy Compensation Plan
Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)Atomy has a very simple and generous compensation plan. Atomy works on a Binary system with just 2 legs as shown below. You have a left and right leg. Your legs have unlimited levels. For your commissions a sale made from a person at level 2 is the same as a person on level 1,000.

Each product sold has a point value also known as PV. As shown below you can see that the toothpaste has a PV of 10k while HemoHim+ has a PV of 100k. Some products have the same PV when sold in multiple sets so you have to decide if you rather save on the product cost or make more PV.

One of the most asked question is why is the PV so high? The answer is because Atomy started in Korea and their currency is currently about 1,000 WON to $1 USD so it isn’t high, it just looks high to us in the USA. This is why I like to say and use 10k instead of 10,000 PV.

When you first Join Atomy you start out as a Member then with your first purchase of 10k PV to 300k PV you become a Sales Rep and are already eligible for commissions for the entire year. Your personal PV accumulates for as long as you are a member and you are not required to purchase product each month to receive commissions like other companies. To keep your membership active after a year all you need to do is buy just one product that has PV under your own membership id no matter how much it is like the toothbrush pack of 8 for only $9 and you are good for another full year.

As shown below, let’s say you have accumulated 100k personal PV and your left and right side each have accumulated 300k PV and over, then since you are between 10k PV and 100k PV you get a score of 5 which equals to about $24. (Each score is about $4.80 USD). Your personal PV always accumulates but once you get paid the left and right PV reset to zero for the next day in Korean time. Now if you personally had 300k PV then you would have been paid about $70. That is why it is best just to do method #3 we talked about above.

Now on the other end of the scale once your personal PV and your left and right legs grow so does your daily commissions. For example let’s say you have accumulated 2.4m personal PV and each day you get over 50m PV on your left and right you will earn a score of 300 which is about $1,380 for that day alone. (Yes, people are actually at this level in Korea already. Korea has a population of 50 million people and as of 2014 2 million of them are Atomy members. In 2014 Atomy did $500 million in sales in Korea alone and there are only 200,000 members outside of Korea. With 5 more countries now open including the USA there is so much opportunity here it is incredible! And you can be a part of it!)

​Below is a chart that gives the complete commission structure. You can start earning commissions with as little as 10k personal PV. But really why make only $24 when you can make about $70 with a small purchase of everyday products you will use. So the main first goal is to first reach 300k personal PV which isn’t difficult.

When you make a purchase on Atomy’s website you can pick within a few days +- what day the points are posted and you can do this to your advantage. You can not post points to a Sunday or a Korean Holiday which there are 13 in the year that don’t fall on a Sunday. The points will accumulate to the next business day. That means there are 300 days in the year for daily matching. So the maximum income from daily matching commissions alone is around $414,000 per year. This does not include the Mastership Promotions and Bonuses as shown below.

Another important thing to know is that points only start to accumulate under your left of right legs once you become a Sales Rep which is when you have accumulated 10k personal PV or more. So when you sign up be sure you purchase at least 10k of products. Which is really only a Shampoo or Foam Cleaner for example. Not that hard at all.

Mastership Promotions and Incentives:

Not only do you get the Daily Commissions as stated above, there are 7 Masterships you can achieve with Atomy. Once you reach a certain Mastership you get a one time bonus of the following:

Sales Master – Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
Diamond Master – Laptop Computer, Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
Sharon Rose Master – 2 Million KW Cash (Approx. $1,800 USD), 2 Travel Tickets
Star Master – 10 Million KW Cash (approx $8,900 USD), 4 Travel Tickets
Royal Master – 50 Million KW Cash (approx $44,500 USD) , 2 Million KW credit per month (approx $1,800 USD), Car rental, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (4 nights and 5 days)
Crown Master – 300 Million KW Cash (approx $267,000 USD), 5 Million KW credit per month (approx $4,400 USD), HyunDai Equus 380 or equivalent, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)
Imperial Master – 1,000 Million KW Cash (approx $900,000 Million USD), 10 Million KW Cash per month (approx $8,900 USD), Hyundai Equus Limo or equivalent, an office of 165 square meters with a personal secretary, a chauffeur, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)

Mastership Bonus twice a month:

Twice a month you will receive a cash bonus based on your qualified Mastership level. The way it works is that Atomy calculates the total company PV for that half of the month and multiplies it by the Mastership level percentage (Sales Master is 10% for example) and divides it by the number in that level of Mastership. So for example say you are a Sales Master and the total company PV for 15 days is 5 billion. They take 10% of 5 billion which is 500 million and divide it by the number of Sales Masters which is say 1,000 and that equals 500,000 Korean Won which is about $445 USD per Sales Master twice a month.

Since there are fewer people as the Mastership level increases, the percentage decreases, so most of the PV goes to the Sales Masters. The percentages are Sales Master 10%, Diamond Master 5%, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master .3%, Imperial Master .2%.

If you don’t meet the qualifications the following 2 week period you keep the title but you don’t get that level’s bonus but you do get the bonus you do qualify for if any.

Your personal PV never goes away and always accumulates. There is no need for you to keep purchasing products just to receive your commissions like in other companies.

What is your expected income?

Some people expect instant riches with Direct Selling with little or no work. This isn’t the case. As a businessman since 1980 I understand what it takes to grow a business. For example when I created my AuctionTamer program back in 1999 I made a total of $1,000 the first year. The next year though I made $35,000 and the year after that I made $85,000 and so on.

With Atomy it is the same way except we made our first $1,000 with Atomy in the first few months. I like to think of it like farming. You first have to prepare the soil, plant, water, fertilize and nurture it and then over time it grows and yields a crop. Except the cool thing about these seeds is that they start re-seeding themselves and grow like wild grass. This is how some people in Korea that saw the vision and started with Atomy back in 2009 are now making $50,000 USD a month today.

How much you make is totally up to you and your group. Simply share Atomy products and the opportunity with people and depending on your effort and the effort of those on your team you can see your income steadily grow.

Why join under our Atomy Team?

To do Atomy on your own can be very challenging. I hear from so many members that joined Atomy to do the business but they are left all alone. All they have is Atomy’s website and products. No training, no resources to help them. Nothing.

When you join under one of our Atomy team members we have the training, tools and resources to help you succeed. Once you get your FREE membership through our Join Page we will provide you with your Atomy membership ID and with your first purchase of an Atomy product we will give you access to our training guides and materials. Plus you can also join our private Facebook group where even more training and educational materials are provided. I also created an amazing tool called Atomy Master that has helped us grow our team and can help grow yours.

And now as an Atomy member once you make your first purchase we give you access to your very own website that you can easily send people to and for them to join under you. So easy.

Contact us:

Jhake Pascua (Tagalog, English)
Contact : +63916-6499044
Viber: +63916-6499044
Email : [email protected]
Atomy Today is not commercially affiliated with Atomy Co., Ltd. This site exists in order to (a) provide concise information about Atomy and its products in English (b) direct you through the membership process should you wish to buy Atomy products. Membership is required to buy Atomy products, but is free and does not involve purchase requirements or obligations. Atomy’s official sites presently only serve members from Korea, Japan, the US, Canada, Singapore , Taiwan and Philippines.

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